Employer Branding Business Package

Employer Branding Business Package is a special offer for companies to build the company’s brand through the implementation of an Employer Branding Strategy, useful tips for introducing and promoting HR practices and ranking your success on the most visited site for HR – 24hr!

The results of this Business Package can be seen through continuous work of only 3 months, and companies for that period of time will build calendars for Employer Branding, start placing interesting and attractive content on their social media platforms and will have the opportunity to understand how to modernize the HR policies in the company!

With the Business Package that is in the duration of 3 months, includes the following:

  • Parameters by which the visibility of the company’s brand is measured
  • Creating an Employer Branding Strategy for your company
  • Implementation of the Employer Branding Strategy
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Promotion on the largest HR portal in the country – 24hr !!!

Employer Branding Strategy

Our experts will work with you in creation of the Employer Branding Strategy of your company, which under the mentorship of our experts will be realized by your team.

The process begins with an analysis of parameters that indicates the current state of your company, in order to measure your social media presence, as well as the success of your HR policies and practices in attracting and retaining talent.

This way, you will also identify the profile of the ideal employee, which with the help of the Employer Branding Strategy you will have the opportunity to attract and recruit them! We will create your EVP- employee value proposition!

The ultimate goal is to create a work environment that appeals to your current and future employees!

Marketing support and promotion on the largest HR portal in Macedonia – 24hr!

The package includes a 3-month promotion on the most visited HR portal – 24hr! Your Marketing and HR department will have the support in publishing all the news, promoting the valuable HR policies and practices in the company, and in the creation of the company’s brand in the long run!

Team of Experts

A team of Employer Branding Experts will work with you, who in addition to understanding the topic of Employer Branding, also have the skills, tools and experience to help you realize your goals and ideas for building the brand of your company!