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Business & Executive Coaching

Developing leaders and executive managers, as well as high productive teams and organizations. Coaching can be practiced individually, as a team, company or combined.

Leadership Development

Unlocking personal potential, as well as the potential of the team in which the manager is actively involved in the job activities.

HRM systems & digitalization of HR processes

Using unique methodology for implementation of HRM SYSTEMS, adapted to the level of development, size and scope of the company.

Diagnostics of organizational culture & business signals

Diagnostics of the current state of your workforce, your corporate culture and if your workplace provides the culture, atmosphere and management that your employees crave.

HR training & mentoring

Introducing new and innovative approaches for acquiring knowledge and best practical experiences while providing an applied way to transfer expert knowledge and skills in the profession based on the latest world trends in the field.


Promoting professional development of sport workers through innovative Vocational Education and Training, in a way in which the sport workers gain empowerment, inclusion, self management skills, HR management skills and respect for diversity.


VITA INSTITUT connects passionate professionals from HRM, IT, Business development, Sport education and Positive Psychology, to work on maximizing human capital and developing individuals, teams and organizations.

We support companies and organizations to build reality with common understanding of the business needs within the entire company and to ensure their future growth and sustainability.

We provide tools, modern management concepts and techniques that make our clients capable and equipped to create their desired reality, boosting creativity and self- discovery.

“We believe in people and their creative power to build a better world!“

VITA’s team

“In sameness we connect, In differences we grow!”

Virginia Satir

“The best way to predict the future is to create it!”

Peter Drucker

“We believe in people and their power to build a better world! “ 

VITA’s team

“We want to uplift the potential and to make successful stories happen.”

VITA’s team

“We support individuals to grow and develop exceptional careers and to create for themself the life they want.”

VITA’s team


In the past period, we collaborated with VITA Institut on 2 occasions:
-Executive business coaching
-Data Driven people analytics.
On behalf of myself and A1 Makedonija, we would like to thank VITA Institut and Hristina Lozanoska and send our sincere gratitude for her help and support in providing executive business coaching to our executive managers, empowering them to show up with courage, confidence and compassion.Read More

Stefan JovanovskiHead of HR, A1 Makedonija DOOEL Skopje

Ever since the partnership between VITA Institut & Zan Mitrev Clinic was signed in 2019, we have been working together on Digital transformation of the HR processes, making the HR processes in the clinic automated and data-driven.  Recognizing the great success of this partnership, we aim to further develop and complete the implementation of the HR processes and Software “FledgeHR”, with support of Vita’s HR experts.Read More

Dragana AvramovskaHead of HR, Zan Mitrev Clinic

We have been working with VITA Institut for the past year. The training programs they delivered were fruitful and exciting and our organization has received positive feedback from the participants. Our company MAKPETROL AD, as leader on the market aims to provide the best training for our employees. In this case, VITA Institut helped us achieve our goal by completing Leadership programme for agile leadership,series of workshops with coaching approach, which use a combination of hands-on exercises to help up to 150 line and senior managers, who work directly with teams, helping them understand how to best support, guide, and coach their teams towards the improvement of their agile capabilities.Read More

Marija TodoroskaHR Manager, Makpetrol AD





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