New options for participating

Be a part of the Academy for 870 € and get the 6 modules, without the mentorship and coaching!

About the Academy

Employer Branding Academy at VITA INSTITUT is the only academy in the country that offers advanced skills in the field of human resource management, leadership and Employer Branding. The academy has a unique approach, combining 6 modules of “masterclass” lectures for advanced knowledge and skills, as well as individualized (one-on-one) sessions for mentoring and coaching of the participants.

What will you master

The Academy is designed to build participants’ competencies and expertise, needed in order to address key challenges with the Employer Branding profile of the employer, as well as to develop the necessary HR policies and practices. 

The unique added value of the program is the mentorship and coaching (3 individualized mentoring and 3 individualized coaching sessions), i.e the possibility for theoretical lectures to be the basis for some of the HR practices and the Employer Branding strategy to be implemented in practice.

Who should apply

Employer Branding Academy is designed for professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge with modern skills in the field of HR and Employer Branding! So far, the participants have been CEOs, HR professionals, marketing professionals, consultants and Employer Branding enthusiasts.


The participants of the Employer Branding Academy will be provided with full professional support to establish modern and advanced HR practices and policies, to build their capacities through the establishment of human resource management systems in companies, digitalization of processes, as well as leadership development in companies and development of organizational culture.

Start date & Duration

  • March 2022 
  • 3 Months

Price & Content of the Academy

Option 1 – 1450 € 

  • Curriculum (6 modules – theory and practice)
  • 3 individual mentorship sessions and 3 individual coaching sessions

Option 2 – 870 €

  • Curriculum (6 modules – theory and practice)


  • After graduating from the Employer Branding Academy, you will receive a nationally and internationally recognized certificate.


  • Combined (in accordance with the measures and recommendations for protection against COVID-19)