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The competition for talent intensifies the ability to understand how to attract new generations. Digitalization is becoming crucial. As traditional branding efforts are moving from conventional to digital strategies, a corporation’s Employer Value Proposition must also follow it. Talent marketing is becoming more competitive and to stay on the top of the game for the race of the next generation workforce, one must act no. Most companies do not know where to start, how to tell their story, and what to post on social media in order to attract and capture the interest of talent. 

Why Social Media is Important?

The company needs to alleviate its most significant concerns when using social media in its Employer Branding. 

There is a new world out there, and the competition for talent will intensify, and the ones who will lead the race will be those who understand Social Media.” Furthermore, every brand is unique and this needs to be communicated, thus that companies must take control over Employer Value Proposition. However, there are some common traits to Employer Branding on Social media that gain more attention than others. “There are some key learnings that you need to consider when you are using Employer Branding on Social Media; the most important being that you need to monitor your content.” 

However, there are some common traits among companies that are at the top of high engagement scores with their Employer Brands on Social media, and these are: 

Use video – using Video on Social Media shows higher engagement in comparison to other types of content, thus if you want to increase your engagement, you need to add video to your Employer Branding on Social Media. 

Select the right platform – Understand where your talent is interacting, for millennials and Generation Z, Instagram shows a lot higher engagement than Facebook and LinkedIn when it comes to dedicated followers. People that tend to follow on Instagram have a more genuine interest in the company.

 Be authentic – The best way to make the company understand your company is to show them how it is. Companies that have a thought-through Employer Branding Strategy on Social media show their employees a lot. However, we know how fast, that being authentic is difficult and has always been.

Use Data – Looking at social, companies prefer to communicate their CSR efforts and the Inspiring Purpose of their company; however, these attributes might not be connected to your Employer Brand and something that is not on top of the list of our talent insights research.

A strong Brand is not everything – Of course, a strong product/consumer brand contributes to the employer brand.

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